Greyskull began his growing career in Northern California in 2001, later becoming a member of “San Diego’s Finest.” Greyskull first become known for introducing the Sour Dubble (mother of multiple-High Times Cup-winner, Gorilla Glue).

Greyskull returned to his family’s island roots on Maui in 2010, where he acquired and nurtured the most exclusive local cultivars.

In 2016, Greyskull founded one of Hawaii’s finest cannabis competitions. Greyskull later teamed up with master grower Joeygreen808 to start Greyskull Seeds, winning 1st and 4th place at the 2017 All Hawaii Invitational competition.

Greyskull Seeds’ plants have been selected for production at licensed dispensary grows in Arizona, California, Hawaii, New York, and Oklahoma.

Following the opportunity of legal cannabis, Greyskull relocated in 2019 with his collection of the rarest and most desirable strains, aiming to bring the world’s best cannabis to Oklahoma.


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